What are the differences between third-party UKAS providers?

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UKAS (United Kingdom Accreditation Service) is the national accreditation body for the United Kingdom. The organisation is responsible for assessing and accrediting organisations that offer certification, testing and inspection services.

If a third-party provider wishes to achieve UKAS accreditation, it needs to undergo a stringent assessment process to show it is competent and compliant enough to meet the required standards. If a provider has UKAS accreditation, this normally means you can expect a certain standard of quality and credibility. However, there are differences between some third-party UKAS providers, which we will now explore.

Scope of accreditation

UKAS-accredited providers can have different scopes of accreditation. This means they can be accredited to assess and certify different kinds of organisations and industries. When you’re looking for a UKAS-accredited provider, make sure their scope is relevant to your specific requirements as well as the industry you’re based in. Some providers specialise in specific industries and sectors, whilst others focus on a more diverse mix.

What they offer

Some UKAS-accredited providers offer not only accreditation but additional services too. These can include training, testing and inspection. If you need a service other than accreditation, look for one that can provide what you’re looking for.


Inevitably, some UKAS-accredited providers have better reputations than others. To find out which providers are most credible, you can carry out research online. This includes looking at reviews and ratings. It can also help if you get in touch with a provider you’re considering working with and have an in-depth discussion about how they can assist you.

Costs and fees

Costs can also vary from one provider to another. We recommend thinking about how much you’re likely to be charged and what you can expect to get for your money before you agree to work with a provider. You may wish to speak to a number of providers before you come to your final decision. This can ensure you get the best value for money.

Customer support standards

When it comes to third-party UKAS providers, the level of customer support and responsiveness can vary greatly. Find out how a provider will communicate with you during the process and look at online reviews and testimonials to get a good idea of how responsive they are.

Auditing processes

Some providers can have different approaches to auditing and other processes. If your business is to be audited, try to find out how the provider conducts their audits, how detailed they are, how much guidance you’ll receive, and how much they’re likely to interact with you. It’s also wise to find out which formats you’ll receive your reports and certificates in.

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