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What is SIA ACS Certification?

The SIA ‘Security Industry Authority’ is an government organisation which regulates the security industry and offers an ACS or ‘Approved Contractor Scheme’ which is a UK  recognised hallmark to show the company is operating in an ethical fashion and is following industry codes of practice.

In consultation with the Private Security Industry Act 2001, this scheme was designed by members of the security industry which helps organisations to demonstrate their competence, training and commitment to the continuous improvement of their operations.

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SIA ACS Requirements

Obtaining ACS Certification distinguishes a company from its competitors and instils confidence that the service provided is of a high standard.

Although the ACS scheme is entirely voluntary, it is becoming a commercial necessity to be SIA ACS approved regardless of the security sector the business is in, so it is of benefit of the organisation to obtain SIA ACS certification now.

The SIA state that before awarding a company ‘Approved Contractor status’ they must be satisfied that “…the company seeking approval must be a fit and proper organisation, and the company directors must be fit and proper persons” and “supplying a security service for over 12 months with a contract and minimum of 2 staff on PAYE”.

All directors of the company will need to obtain an SIA license before the ACS process can be started. This is a legal requirement and should already be in place if they are doing business.

All staff that carry out a security function must by law hold a valid licence which covers the duties that they are performing. Some licences can cover more than 1 duty, i.e.; a door supervision licence will allow a member of staff to carry out security guarding duties, but all licences must be checked at least monthly and detailed records kept.

The Process

The objective of SIA ACS lies firmly on improving performance standards, hence the need to undertake a rigorous approval procedure. Both the company and those that run it will be assessed and checked to ascertain whether they are deemed suitably capable and appropriately qualified to do their jobs.

The first step is to complete an application form and send with the necessary evidence to the SIA to carry out due diligence checks (Insurance certs, company registration docs, licence numbers etc). A self assessment (work book) needs to be completed to show the company has addressed all the elements of the scheme.

Once this information has been submitted, we will then ensure that all the points have been implemented and the records kept accordingly to indicate conformance. ISO 9001 is very similar to the SIA-ACS requirements, so it may be possible to simultaneously achieve ISO 9001 at the same time as SIA approval.

Once everything is in place, an independent assessment body approved by the SIA will need to carry out a visit to the premises and will test the company against the SIA-ACS requirements to ensure conformance. During this visit, they will also want to talk to some of the staff and customers to confirm that the organisations is responsible and that they can validate this.


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What Are the Benefits of SIA ACS Approval?

It takes investment and dedication to gain SIA ACS certification but the rewards and subsequent benefits for the organisation, its staff and customers are well worth it.

Some of the benefits that can be gained from SIA ACS approval include;

Although the approval process for the scheme can be a considerable investment of time and resources, security providers can expect numerous benefits and advantages to being certified. ACS accredited security companies nearly always renew their yearly registration once they have acquired it, with many organisations reporting that it not only helped them win more contracts, but actually run their business more effectively.

The Approved Contractor Scheme makes it straightforward for security companies to monitor and measure their performance and instils in them the key factors needed for success in the industry. Security firms that have attained ACS are able to better identify areas for improvement, gather clear feedback from clients and measure performance against key indicators. These security companies work to continuously improve the weak areas of the business, learn from their mistakes and steadily increase the effectiveness and efficiency of their overall operations.

Ultimately, the aim of any business, no matter the industry, is growth. SIA certification is a tool that helps organisations to stand out from competitors within the market and gain a strong advantage that helps them to secure new business.

Once accredited, SIA ACS certification will result in entry to the Register of SIA approved contractors which is widely circulated to government departments and local authorities. This acts almost as an additional marketing tool which can help businesses to reach organisations previously beyond their reach.

The Need for SIA ACS

Organisations within the security industry might not give much thought to what some consider ‘additional certification’ thinking that because they meet the minimum legal obligations that there is no need for anything else outside of the compulsory licensing requirements.

The Private Security Act of 2001, Sections 3 and Schedule 2, define the types of firms that would need to apply for licensing as;

  1. Security Guarding
  2. Door Supervision
  3. Public Space Surveillance
  4. Key Holding
  5. Close Protection
  6. Cash and Valuables in Transit

Those who are unsure then should seek further advice as conducting business without a license is a criminal offence and can result in a £5,000 and even six-months in prison.

Reasons to Consider the SIA ACS certification

SIA ACS helps organisations in a number of ways to operate successfully in the increasingly competitive security industry.

Although compulsory licensing can be effective, it only guarantees a certain level of staff competence that is no different or better than that of competitors within the market. One incident, staff mistake or error in judgement can lead to lost business, poor reviews and a bad reputation.

The ACS scheme helps to ensure that only the best personnel are hired and existing staff are thoroughly trained to meet the required standard.

Clients who require security services are increasingly looking for ACS certified providers and use this as a marker of quality to help decide which company they will use. Those that have experience with security companies will be well aware of the standout benefits and differences in services between a contractor who is approved and one who is not.

Although it is technically a voluntary scheme, the SIA ACS is rapidly becoming a necessary requirement for security providers is they want to compete and win the best security contracts.

SIA ACS Consultancy Services

At JR Consultants we provide our clients with all the help they need to implement the processes and record the necessary steps to gain certification. Our team of SIA ACS consultants have the unique expertise, knowledge and experience to provide the best guidance and advice to help clients successfully gain full SIA ACS certification.

We can arrange for the assessment to take place and ensure that we are on site during this time to help answer any questions you have and guide you through the process right up to approval.

Once approval is given we continually check the processes on an arranged and regular basis to ensure they are maintained, and that you keep your SIA ACS approval.

For more information about our SIA ACS certification services, please contact us.

What is the SIA ACS certification?

The Approved Contractor Scheme (ACS) is a voluntary scheme that was designed by the Security Industry Authority (SIA) to help raise performance standards within the security sector.

SIA ACS is the quality benchmark within security that sets out the criteria which organisations must adhere to in order to be compliant and approved for certification. It is suitable for a wide range of organisations of any size or scope and works by helping regulated businesses to create a robust framework that they can use to develop and promote best practices.

Displaying the SIA ACS mark of accreditation clearly demonstrates to customers the capability of your business in being able to effectively protect property, people and premises.

There are a number of reasons why companies are keen to invest in and put themself through the various processes required in order to achieve certification and that is due to the many benefits that come with it.

Here are just some of the ways that being SIA ACS certified can benefit your business;

  • Inclusion in the Register of Approved Contractors which is published on the SIA website.
  • It increases marketing opportunities which gives your business a competitive edge.
  • The authority to use the ACS Accreditation Mark on any of your stationery, livery, social media and websites.
  • Access to tendering opportunities for which ACS is a pre-requisite.
  • Customers have increased trust and confidence in the quality of services you provide.
  • Demonstrates your commitment to maintaining the highest levels of quality for your customers.
  • Greater flexibility and operational effectiveness when supplying security services.

In order to be eligible for the Security Industry Authority’s ACS, the following must apply to your business;

  • The security services you supply are within the United Kingdom.
  • You hold at least one current contract for the supply of security industry services.
  • You are a supply contracted security service. Those who are in-house security providers are not eligible to apply.
  • At the time of application, you must have completed a minimum of 12 months supplying security services.
  • Within each of the sectors applied for you must supply a minimum of 2 licensable and contracted operatives to provide security industry services.
  • Supply licensable individuals under a contract for security industry services. Labour providers are not eligible to seek approval to the ACS.

Failure to meet the required criteria can result in your Security Industry Authority’s Approved Contractor Scheme application being rejected. In order to make the whole process as simple as possible and establish a straightforward path to successful accreditation then be sure to engage with professional SIA ACS consultancy services.

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