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The SIA ACS is a Customer service standard which is built on industry codes of practice relevant to the Security Industry. It provides a universally recognised hallmark of quality for suppliers of private security industries. As you can imagine if you have this standard it acts as proof that you care about the role you play in your customer’s lives, and that all your staff are trained to serve the needs of your customers on a day-to-day basis.

Obtaining the ACS Mark will distinguish your company and provide confidence that your service has been independently assessed against this UK recognised standard, and that your staff have been properly trained for the role they perform using the safeguards you’ve put in place.

Whilst the ACS scheme is entirely voluntary, it is becoming a commercial necessity to be SIA ACS approved regardless of the security sector you work in. Therefore, it is of benefit to you and your business to be approved now with SIA ACS Accreditation.

With the objective being firmly on improving performance standards with SIA ACS, the need to go through a rigorous approval procedure is necessary. Both your company and those that run it will be checked to see whether they are fit and appropriately qualified to do their jobs.

What is the Process for Seeking SIA ACS Approval?

The first stage is to register with the SIA and complete the online workbook: a document with over 70 questions that need to be fully answered, e.g., in relation to the approval of your staff and their training.

Once completed, we will ensure all the points have been implemented and records kept accordingly to indicate conformance. (ISO 9001 covers 75% of the SIA-ACS requirements, so it may be possible to achieve ISO 9001 and the relevant security codes of practice at the same time as SIA approval.)

Once everything is in place, an assessment body approved by the SIA must carry out a visit to your premises and will check your company against the SIA-ACS requirements to ensure conformance.

During this visit, they will also want to talk to some of your staff and your customers to ensure that you are a responsible company and that they can validate this. It will all be of benefit once completed and will only serve to give you a position of strength within the private security industry.


What Are the Benefits of SIA ACS Approval?

  • Shows commitment to quality and customer service
  • Demonstrates the existence of quality management
  • Shows the guards you provide are fit and adequately trained to perform their role
  • Provides a real competitive edge over others in the market
  • Gives confidence in the quality of service you will provide
  • Free entry to the SIA Register of Approved Contractors, a valuable reference for buyers of security services

SIA ACS Certification from JR Consultants

We will provide all the help you need to implement the processes and record the necessary steps to gain your certification. Because we have the experience, expertise and knowledge in this area. We are best placed to provide the advice and guidance you need to successfully gain full SIA ACS Accreditation.

We will arrange for the assessment to take place and will be on site during this time, guiding you through to successful SIA ACS membership. This means you can ask questions and ask for advice at any time.

Once you have approval, we can then continually check the processes on an arranged and regular basis to ensure they are maintained, and that you keep your SIA ACS approval.

For more information about our SIA ACS certification services, please contact us.