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ISO 22000 certification

ISO 22000 is a series of guidelines which enable businesses to set out and manage Food Safety Management Systems. The framework is designed to help your business to deliver food safely and healthily whilst enabling you to improve the way that your food supply chain communicates.

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What is ISO 22000?

ISO 22000 is a set of standards that you can meet to demonstrate your commitment to food safety, not only to your customers but to other stakeholders too. The framework has helped companies based in the food industry to provide food products which are safe and that meet all the relevant regulatory requirements. ISO 22000 also helps you manage risks in food safety more effectively.

What are the benefits of achieving ISO 22000 certification?

As well as helping you win the confidence of existing and potential customers, achieving ISO 22000 accreditation can also improve employee engagement. Employees tend to be much happier when working for companies that go the extra mile to ensure quality and safety.

Another key benefit of achieving ISO 22000 accreditation is that it can help you reduce the cost of food safety management by making your processes more efficient. This can help you make your business more profitable. ISO 22000 certification is regarded as highly prestigious and can play a key role in improving the reputation of your business.

All companies that work with food are responsible for ensuring the safety of their products and the well-being of those who consume them. Unsafe food can be incredibly dangerous indeed. ISO food safety management standards are designed to help organisations identify and control food safety standards.


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Achieve ISO 22000 certification with JR Consultants

At JR Consultants, we can customise the process of gaining ISO 22000 in a way that suits your specific business operations. We can provide vital assistance with implementing your documented management system. We can also carry out assessments on-site to ensure your team are doing what’s outlined in your system. Furthermore, we will create a detailed report before the completion of the certification process so any issues can be resolved. Once any problems are overcome, your certificate will be issued and registered.


Get valuable support from our ISO 22000 consultants

JR Consultants has been a leading player in the compliance industry for decades. Our ISO consultants help businesses to demonstrate their compliance with various standards. Certification benefits not only the organisation which requires it but its shareholders, employees, and customers too, delivering vital reassurance. ISO certification can help you gain access to new markets, boost your productivity, increase your profits, and boost your credibility. We can work closely alongside you to help you achieve ISO 22000 certification and give you a real edge over your competitors.

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We are ready to hear from you right now if you are interested in achieving ISO 22000 accreditation with JR Consultants. You can reach us today by calling us on 01268 758000 or by completing the form on our site. We will get back to you as quickly as possibly can.

What are the benefits of achieving ISO 22000 certification?

There are many great reasons for achieving ISO 220000 certification. This certification can improve your food management standards whilst helping you grow your reputation in the eyes of your customers and various stakeholders, including potential investors. This standard is designed to help you ensure your food products are not only safe but meet all regulatory requirements too.

The certification can help you to retain existing customers and attract new ones at the same time. Once you have achieved ISO certification, you can expect to gain access to new markets and become more profitable and productive whilst enhancing your productivity. ISO certification can also help you gain a real edge over any competitors that do not have it.

Yes. JR Consultants can tailor the process of achieving ISO 22000 certification to your specific business operations. We can work closely alongside you to help you design and implement your new documented management systems. Furthermore, assessments can be carried out by our team on-site to ensure all regulations are being met and the system has been implemented effectively. Before the process is completed, we can also create a detailed report so any issues can be overcome.

At JR Consultants, we have helped numerous companies to achieve ISO 22000 certification. We have an excellent track record when it comes to helping businesses from many sectors to achieve the certification that they need to raise standards and improve their reputations. We pride ourselves on the way that we can explain ISO jargon to you in simple terms and guide you through every step of the ISO process. Our ISO consultants, auditors and sub-consultants ensure we’re always able to deliver to the highest of standards.

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