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We are leading ISO 14001 consultants based in the UK and because we are so experienced in the area of ISO accreditation and standards, we know how important this ISO 14001 certification is.  It’s swiftly becoming the world’s leading international standard for environmental management.

The ISO 14001 certification is important because if you want any kind of control over the environmental impact your business has, ISO 14001:2015 certification is almost certainly the route you need to follow.

The ISO 14001 environmental management system has increased in importance due to society’s increasing concerns about global warming and the environmental impact at both a local and international level. These issues are becoming of fundamentally greater importance to businesses. Therefore, you can see why ISO 14001 certification is so important.

What is ISO 14001?

ISO 14001 is an Environment Management System (EMS), which is a tool for managing the impact of an organisation’s activities on the environment. It takes a pro-active approach and allows business to consider environmental issues before they become a problem, rather than reacting to them afterwards.

It’s about business continuity and making sure you have the necessary steps in place to act and ISO 14001 allows you to do that.

Our ISO 14001 consultants assist businesses to establish those operations that have a negative impact on the environment and to minimise their unwanted effects as determined necessary.

So, the ISO 14001 standards can be a very powerful tool for businesses to both improve their environmental performance and enhance their business efficiency.

ISO 14001 consultantsWhat are the benefits of ISO 14001 Certification?

  • Cost effective – reduces utility bills and waste streams
  • Higher control of risk and better planning
  • Ensures compliance with environmental legislation
  • Builds awareness of the environment among employees
  • Improved corporate image with customers and the public
  • Reduce environmental liability
  • Removes a barrier to working with government bodies, local authorities and larger commercial businesses who often prefer their suppliers to be ISO14001 registered

Our expert ISO 14001 Consultants

We will work with you to design, document, implement and operate a simple environmental management system (EMS) which meets all the certification requirements of ISO 14001.

We will design the system around your existing business and environmental practices wherever possible, helping you to establish the necessary controls to ensure you are in compliance with all relevant legislation, and enable you to identify and attend to areas where you do not comply to the ISO 14001 certification standard.

Once the system has been implemented, we will recommend you for the initial audit visit from a UKAS accredited external assessment body. We will then arrange for your system to be fully audited by one of our own auditors, and the final ISO 14001 requirements will usually take place within 3 months of the initial audit visit (depending upon the external assessment body).

Click for more information about using a UKAS accredited external assessment body.

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