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What is CE Marking?

CE Marking is a regulatory mark applied by the manufacturer that is a declaration to public authorities and clients that the product satisfies required levels of health and safety (concerning such issues as release of hazardous substances and structural strength).

By having a CE Marking regulatory mark, you will meet the compulsory product safety guides that you need to trade in the EU.

CE Marketing Consultants

Whether you need assistance for the entire CE Marking process or guidance for certain parts, JR Consultants can help by:

  • Offering you advice and guidance to achieve compliance
  • Determining which EU standards apply to your products
  • Identifying what is required to enable you to achieve compliance

How does a Steelwork Contractor become qualified for CE Marking?

The CE Marking standard for fabricated steelwork is BS EN 1090-1. Those affected by CE Marking must put in place a Factory Production Control system (FPC) described in BS EN 1090-1 and have the system certified by a Notified Body.

The most difficult part is identifying a suitably competent Responsible Welding Co-ordinator (RWC) to control the company welding procedures.

What is Execution Class?

The CE Marking standard, BS EN 1090-1, introduces the concept of Execution Class which establishes the required quality of fabrication and can be applied to the whole structure, an individual member or particular details. There are four Execution Classes but most companies would need to qualify for execution class 2.

Execution Class 1 – farm building (structures where the consequence of failure is deemed to be low) Execution Class 2 – the majority of buildings
Execution Class 3 – bridges (and most structures subject to fatigue)
Execution Class 4 – long-span bridges (structures where the consequence of failure is deemed to be particularly high)

It is the designers or client’s responsibility to select the Execution Class.

CE-Marking-PhotoSteelwork contractors must have in place the correct certified FPC system for the correct Execution Class.

We can offer you possible help with implementation of this standard. The Manufacturing Advisory Service (MAS), who are an impartial and practical business support service for manufacturing businesses in England, are currently giving grants to implement this and we would liaise with them to see whether your business qualifies.

What can JR Consultants do?

  • Carry out a gap analysis against BS EN ISO 1090-2 :2008 to see exactly what you have in place at the moment and as to whether it satisfies the standard.
  • Raise and implement procedures as required by the standard.
  • Raise and implement any paperwork, should we find any areas of your work processes that do not satisfy what is required of BS EN ISO 1090.
  • Instruct management on BS EN ISO 1090 and its implementation.
  • Help to identify a suitable RWC.
  • Liaise with the external notified body and arrange your assessment.
  • Clear any points raised during the review.
  • Arrange for a full set of internal audits as required by the standard.
  • Arrange the correction of any non-conformance(s) found during the internal auditing process.

Contact us today to find out how our CE Marking services can help you reach the EU market.