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At JR Consultants, we are here to help if you want to achieve ISO 45003 certification. First published in 2021, it is the first globally-recognised psychological health and safety standard. ISO 45003 is designed to provide guidance for businesses to help them manage mental health and the factors that can put it at risk in the workplace. These are known as psychosocial risks.

The benefits of ISO 45003

ISO 45003 is designed to help you create a safer and more productive working environment. Over recent years, the health and safety industry has come around to realising that protecting mental health is just as vital as physical health. More employers are now acknowledging the relationship between work and mental health. Employers have a duty of care to ensure they are doing as much as reasonably possible to protect the safety, mental health and well-being of their employees.

Mental health problems within the workplace can also be costly. It’s said that mental health problems had a social and economic cost of £119 in Britain over a recent ten-year period. One-fifth of working days lost by the economy were linked to work-related anxiety and depression.

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The purpose of ISO 45003

ISO 45003 offers recommendations to help employers to identify and mitigate risks which could affect the mental health of staff. Complying with ISO 45003 standards can benefit both employees and employers alike. When employers take steps to maintain good mental health in the workplace, employees are likely to feel more valued. The standard is also designed to improve the quality of relationships within the workplace and improve work/life balance.

How has ISO 45003 helped employers?

Many employers that have achieved ISO 45003 certification have seen improvements in staff performance and productivity and better staff retention alongside reduced absenteeism. Achieving <h2>this accreditation can also help you improve your reputation and win the confidence of investors, the general public and your team members.  You are not legally obliged to achieve ISO 45003 certification, but it can boost your business in several ways.

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What is covered by ISO 45003?

The ISO 45003 standard helps you to identify any risks to the psychological well-being of your team members. It also instructs you on how to carry out psychosocial workplace assessments and provides you with guidance on mitigating hazards that could worsen work-related stress. Risks covered by the standard include overwork, lack of support, unfulfillment, burnout and discrimination.

Who can help my business achieve ISO 45003 certification?

At JR Consultants, we can come to your assistance if you wish to achieve ISO 45003 certification for your business. We have worked with businesses from various sectors to help them comply with ISO 45003. Our ISO 45003 consultants have all the experience and expertise needed to serve you.


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