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BRC Packaging Materials issue 6 certification is focused on food safety and quality material management within the packaging materials sector. The purpose of the certification is to ensure that packaging materials manufacturers are meeting the strict standards and guidelines set out by the British Retail Consortium (BRC). This certification allows you to show your commitment to producing safe, high-quality packaging materials for the food industry, enabling you to build trust amongst existing and future customers.

How does BRC packaging materials issue 6 help boost your company’s credibility?

One of the key benefits of BRC packaging materials issue 6 is that it helps with quality assurance. It has a strong focus on product safety, quality and hygiene. When you comply with this standard, you can show your customers that you are commuted to providing safe, high-quality packaging materials.

BRC packaging materials issue 6 also makes your business more compliant with regulations. The standard incorporates various relevant legal and regulatory requirements. When customers buy from companies that have achieved this standard, they can rest assured that the business is compliant with all necessary laws and regulations that govern the use of packaging materials.

Mitigate risk and boost traceability

The standard also outlines measures to identify and mitigate potential risks related to the safety and quality of your products. Customers can be assured that the products they purchase from companies that comply with BRC Packaging Materials Issue 6 have undergone rigorous risk assessment and management procedures. When a company meets the requirements of this standard, it can minimise the risk of product recalls, customer complaints, and legal issues related to product safety and quality.

The standard also emphasises the importance of traceability throughout the supply train, giving customers the peace of mind that compliant companies are able to track the origins of the materials they use for packaging. This helps companies to become more transparent and accountable.

Improved supplier management

BRC Packaging Materials Issue 6 also requires companies to maintain effective supplier management practices. When a company adheres to this standard, it’s more likely that they have robust supplier approval processes in place and work with reliable, reputable partners.

Continuous improvement

The standard also encourages a culture of continuous improvement, enabling companies to showcase their commitment to enhancing their processes and products. This can cause customers to place much more trust in them. BRC Packaging Materials Issue 6 is also recognised around the world, which makes it ideal for companies aiming to attract clients from global markets.

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