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Any organisation that is looking to better manage their environmental impact, stay compliant with relevant legislation and support the environmental objectives of their customers will benefit from Kent certification to ISO 14001.

Suitable for businesses across various industries and of any type or size, it does not specify the levels of environmental performance that need to be achieved. Instead, it provides a flexible framework for managing legal requirements and self-determined environmental performance targets.

We provide organisations with comprehensive and professional ISO 14001 services in Kent that can help businesses to maximise the benefits of an environmental management system and achieve certification.

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What is ISO 14001?

ISO 14001 is the international standard for Environmental Management Systems (EMS) and was developed to provide the vital framework needed for organisations to improve their environmental culture and performance.

The standard follows the ‘Plan – Do – Check – Act’ cycle (PDCA) that when followed, helps organisations to effectively manage and continually improve their environmental performance and effectiveness. When correctly implemented, this systematic approach means that organisations are able to better protect the environment and respond quickly to changing environmental conditions whilst still fitting in with their specific business needs.

For certain industries and sectors, it is becoming increasingly common that UKAS accredited ISO 14001 certification is a requirement needed in order to be able to supply to certain companies, government-funded bodies, local government departments and those concerned with environmental impact. Having certification can give you an advantage over competitors, help you access new markets and be able to apply for tenders that before would have been out of reach.

What are the ISO 14001 requirements in Kent?

The requirements provide a set of standard elements which are used to guide the implementation of an EMS through a series of protocols, policies, measures, controls, procedures, and auditing methods. These are broadly separated into 10 sections called ‘clauses’ and are as follows;

1 – Scope

2 – Normative References

3 – Terms and definitions

4 — Context of the organisation

5 — Leadership

6 — Planning

7 — Support

8 — Operations

9 — Performance Evaluation

10 — Improvement

Thinking of more than 1 ISO standard? Speak to us and get another half price!


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What are the benefits of having ISO 14001 certification in Kent?

Achieving ISO 14001 certification in Kent can provide numerous advantages not just for the organisation themselves but for customers, shareholders and employees. Some of the many benefits include;

How can an ISO consultancy help my business in Kent?

The path to successful ISO 14001 certification in Kent can be a real minefield if you do not have experience in navigating through the often-complex information, paperwork and documents that accompany it. At JR Consultants, our expert ISO 14001 specialists in Kent work with organisations from the beginning to design, document and implement an effective EMS around the existing business, that meets all of the certification requirements.

Our ISO consultancy services provide clients with the help they need to improve their business and achieve the recognition it deserves with a clear, straight forward and cost-effective path to ISO 14001 certification in Kent.

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Our team of dedicated consultants have years of experience helping, guiding and supporting companies through the process of implementing an effective EMS and putting through successfully achieving their UKAS accredited certification.

If you would like to find out more or would like some help with ISO 14001 Kent, then please contact us today and one of our friendly, knowledgeable advisors will be happy to help you.

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