What Could ISO 14001 Certification Mean For Your Business?

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In the ever changing world there is currently more pressure than ever on businesses to be able to demonstrate their commitment to reducing their environmental impact to both the public and regulatory bodies.

Putting in place systems like those that come with this globally recognised standard can help companies to monitor, manage and make continual improvements to critical areas of their organisation, which not only benefits the environment but has a number of additional advantages for the business.

What Is ISO 14001?

The world’s largest developer of voluntary international standards is known as the ‘ISO’ or International Organisation for Standardisation. The standards that they put in place provide best practice solutions for almost all industries, sectors and areas of business, helping organisations to improve their performance, increase efficiency and protect customers and the environment.

ISO 14001 is the International Standard for Environmental Management Systems (EMS) and was designed to help businesses and organisations of any size and any sector reduce their environmental impact. It provides the vital framework needed to create a robust system of continual improvement with a systematic approach to compliance.

This effective management standard supports organisations in establishing performance targets of their own alongside the systems, procedures, process and reviews required to ensure sustainable business operations.

What Are The Benefits of ISO 14001 Certification?

Successful implementation of ISO 14001 is not only a useful way for organisations to demonstrate compliance and add credibility but can also deliver a wide range of benefits for the company, employees, shareholders and of course the environment.

Some of the key benefits of ISO 14001 certification include;

Environmental Impact – The most obvious advantage to gaining ISO 14001 certification is the benefits to the environment. This standard puts in place the vital structures and process that allow organisations to better and more effectively quantify, monitor and control its environmental impact.

Cost Control – Particularly in the areas of resource, waste and energy management, this standard works to identify and reduce the amount of energy and materials being used. It can also work to highlight areas where there is potential to utilise renewable energy sources which produce less waste, are more efficient and often more cost effective. The EMS can also be used to help reduce the number of incidents that occur which could result in delays, disruptions to production, fines or cost money to repair or clean up.

Improved Image and Corporate Credibility – ISO 14001 certification clearly demonstrates to your customers, clients, employees and the local community that you care about the environment and are taking every reasonable step to control the impact your business has on it. This can go a long way to enhancing your corporate image, which in turn can help to win new customers, improve your market share and encourage shareholder confidence.

Increased Business Opportunities – It is becoming increasingly common during the procurement process for organisations to require ISO certification when putting out bids, invitations or requests for new contracts and tenders. If it is a prerequisite in order to bid or apply for the business, then having certification in place is a huge advantage and even if it is not stated as a requirement, it still gives you a great advantage over competitors and can help to open up previously inaccessible markets.

Ensure Compliances – One of the biggest benefits that come as a result of implementing ISO 14001 is the way that the vital structures put in place solidify and strengthen the processes for identifying, monitoring and complying with environmental legislation, laws and requirements. With such an effective management system in place, organisations are able to stay on top of their legal obligations and avoid any potential fines or prosecutions that can happen as a result of failing to comply.

Engagement With Employees – ISO 14001 engages with employees at all levels and by organisations demonstrating a genuine concern for the environment and leading by example from the top is a great way to encourage companywide improvements. Motivating employees to engage with green initiatives can also work to improve morale, reduce employee turnover support staff retention, therefore lowering the high costs required for the recruitment and training of new staff.

ISO 14001 for your Business

At JR Consultants our professional ISO consultancy services deliver the knowledge, guidance, advice and practical support needed to help unlock the full potential of your business and equip you with the necessary tools successfully gain ISO Certification.

If you are interested in how ISO 14001 could specifically benefit your business and would like to know more, then do not hesitate to get in touch and one of our expert advisors will be happy to help answer any questions you may have.

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