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How a company manages their impact on the environment is front and centre for many as its importance becomes a growing concern in society. With ever-rising pressures around global warming and sustainability in the UK, and worldwide, businesses need to take control and in ensuring they are a company that can be trusted.

ISO 14001 is an internationally recognised environmental management standard that helps businesses to effectively manage their environmental impact through the implementation of quality, internationally recognised standard processes and procedures. Certification ensures they are able to improve sustainability, reduce energy usage, be environmentally aware and boost their brand reputation.

What is ISO 14001?

ISO 14001 is an Environment Management System (EMS) and a tool/resource for businesses in managing the impact they have on the environment. The standard provides a comprehensive framework of processes and procedures that guides the company in recognising, regulating and managing their impact. They will be able to identify potential issues and resolve them before they become a major problem.

ISO 14001 certification means companies must achieve certain standards and implement a series of processes, practices and systems, guided by the suggested ISO standard framework.  The standard is based on the principles of ‘Plan-Do-Act-Check’, which is known as the PDAC cycle. This system ensures the business follows the continuous evaluation and improvement of their EMS processes and procedures.

The framework sets out guidelines that a company can adapt to their business to implement an environmental management system. It focuses on the internal systems rather than external influences so the business can identify any operations and activities that are creating a negative impact on the environment. They are then able to address and resolve the problem to reduce the impact and minimise any unwanted effects.

Achieving ISO 14001 certification

In order to achieve ISO 14001 certification, a company must demonstrate, and provide documentary evidence, they have successfully implemented a comprehensive Environmental Management System (EMS) aligned with the standard’s framework. This ensures there are robust environmental processes and procedures in place that enable the company to reach their environmental objectives.

There are a wide range of elements within the ISO 14001 standard for businesses to meet for successful certification. The principal requirements include:

  • The development of an environmental policy that reflects the company’s commitment.
  • The appointment of someone that is responsible for coordination of the EMS.
  • The identification of how the company interacts with the environment.
  • Ascertaining the potential and actual environmental impact.
  • Recognising environmental compliance requirements.
  • Establishing environmental objectives, targets and programmes.
  • Monitoring and measuring progress to achieve objectives.
  • Reviewing the system and environmental performance.
  • The continuous improvement of the company’s environmental performance.

There are three key benefits to achieving ISO 14001 certification:

  • Getting a better understanding of the company’s environmental impact.
  • Understanding how the company can control their environmental impact.
  • Determining how the company can minimise that impact and improve sustainability.

Implementing the necessary internal processes and procedures to benefit the environment benefits the business in terms of increased efficiency, greater productivity, boosted brand reputation and reduced costs.

How JR Consultants can help you

At JR Consultants, we offer a comprehensive ISO consultation service, working with our clients from the start of the process right the way through to achieving certification. We provide a clear, reliable and accurate guide of the process, helping businesses/organisations to navigate and understand the sometimes complicated information and paperwork.

Our job as ISO experts is to ensure the necessary systems are implemented correctly, consistently providing the support to our clients in continually improving to meet the required standards. Our consultation services allow you to spend time on what matters; your business, including:

  • Helping to plan, document, implement and operate a simple environmental management system that meets the ISO 14001 requirements.
  • Design a system that fits around your existing business/organisation’s practices, when possible, and if not, helping you to identify and resolve issues to ensure you are able to conform to the ISO 14001 certification standard.
  • Once your environmental management system is in place and has been implemented, our ISO auditors will conduct a full audit to ensure all your systems and procedures are operational, before recommending your company for an ISO 14001 assessment by an external UKAS accredited assessment body.

Although ISO 14001, or any other ISO standard, is not mandatory for businesses and organisations, nor is it a legal requirement, having a robust, accredited information security management system in place not only enhances your business’s ability to keep data safe and secure, but it also establishes you as a serious competitor in your industry.

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