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ISO Certification is internationally recognised and signifies not only a hallmark of excellence but also demonstrates the organisations commitment to achieving and maintaining the highest standards throughout their business.

WAt JR Consultants we are experts in ISO and work with our clients from the start to provide the essential guidance, advice and framework needed to successfully achieve ISO certification. We can help you determine which ISO standards will be most beneficial and relevant to your business and work from there to assist you throughout the process.

Our expert consultants will work to help your organisation put into place a robust Management System to strengthen and streamline processes to create a stronger, more efficient business that will be able to meet the required standards.

About ISO Certification

Proven to be extremely beneficial for organisations of all sizes, types and industries – ISO Certification demonstrates to both new and existing clients’ that your company is dedicated to quality and continuous progress.

The rigorous international standards required to achieve ISO Certification make it a valuable business tool and strategy to introduce effective systems that can identify areas that need to be adjusted in order to reduce costs, increase productivity and bring processes up to the necessary standards.

To successfully achieve ISO Certification an organisation must be able to prove conformance to the standard which is established during an independent audit carried out by a third party. However, the process of getting a business ready for this can be very complicated and time consuming if not professionally managed. At JR Consultants we help to implement the necessary framework, structures and procedures needed in order to achieve the required standards to achieve successful certification.

Our specialist consultants are experts at helping waste management companies to identify and implement the changes they require to meet the standards, providing a fast and cost effective path to ISO Certification.

What Are the Benefits of ISO Certification?

There are many industries for which ISO Certification is a legal or contractual requirement. For others it can be a valuable tool for example – organisations looking to gain an advantage over the competition, enhance credibility, improve overall performance and provide superior customer service.

Some of the many benefits of ISO Certification include;

  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Access to new markets
  • An eco-friendlier business with reduced environmental impact
  • Greater consumer confidence
  • Access to global markets
  • Helps to easily identify and manage potential risks
  • Operate more efficiently
  • Achieve the necessary statutory and regulatory requirements

ISO Certification Relevant to Waste Management

Each individual type of ISO certification maintains separate standards and criteria which are categorised numerically.

ISO 9001, 14001 and 45001 are relevant to waste management related businesses.

ISO 9001

ISO 9001 is a very effective business improvement tool which uses an internationally renowned QMS (Quality Management system) suitable for organisations of any size. ISO 9001 works by helping companies to:

    • Streamline, modernise, develop and improve central processes
    • Constantly progress and improve their operations
    • Reduce overhead costs
    • Win more new business


  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Create a strong, sustainable business
  • Preserve and maintain positive relationships

ISO 14001

With the ever growing awareness of the environment and the impact that businesses can have on it, ISO 14001 helps organisations to put in place an effective environmental management system. This is instrumental in the proactive management of the environmental impact and can provide the necessary framework needed to take control of both the immediate and long term processes, products and services.

ISO 14001 can help businesses:

  • Reduce their environmental footprint
  • Identify and suggest potential operational improvements
  • Ensure and develop a sustainable business
  • Attain compliance with environmental legislation
  • Decrease the risk of pollution and related incidents

ISO 45001

Suitable for organisations of all sizes, industries and operational scope ISO 45001 helps to improve the safety, health and wellbeing of all staff and works by helping companies to integrate it with their existing Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) Management System.

ISO 45001 helps businesses to;

  • Reduce the number of work related injuries
  • Decrease staff health issues related to work
  • Improve the overall wellbeing of employees
  • Ensure better employee safety
  • Reduce the number of sick days and staff absences
  • Improve overall OH&S performance

How JR Consultants Can Help You

Here at JR Consultants our consultants work to deliver clients with a plan uniquely tailored to their objectives and chosen ISO requirements, ensuring a simple and cost effective route to ISO Certification.

Our team can help to eliminate any complicated, confusing or time consuming paperwork and will support you through every stage providing clear guidance, instructions and advice to create an effective management system that meets the standards to achieve ISO Certification.

For more information about ISO consultancy services for your waste management business, please contact us.

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