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ISO 9001 in Kent

At JR Consultants, our team of dedicated ISO experts in Kent understand the fundamental importance of ISO certification and the many benefits that attaining it can have on our clients’ businesses.
With expert knowledge, guidance and support, we help organisations from the start to properly understand, identify, plan and implement the relevant systems, policies and procedures to deliver a simple, stress free and cost-effective path to successful certification.

Our team of ISO 9001 consultants in Kent are here to guide you through the process of implementing a powerful Quality Management System which will provide the vital framework needed to improve and enhance all areas of your business.

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We can attend your audits and act as your management representative.

Thorough Process

We help create procedures, policies & associated documentation as required


What is ISO 9001?

ISO 9001 is the International Standard for Quality Management Systems and is one of the most commonly used management tools across the world. It can be adopted to and is relevant for businesses and organisations of any size or sector, regardless of whether they are a service or product-based business.

Centred on a number of principles which revolve around good business practices such as a strong customer focus and the strive for continuous improvement, ISO 9001 helps to create a robust foundation from which to build on.

Organisations with certification to the standard are able to demonstrate their ability to consistently deliver the highest quality products and levels of service to meet both customer and regulatory requirements.

What are the ISO 9001 requirements in Kent?

In order to achieve continual improvement within the Quality Management System, organisations looking to implement ISO 9001 are required to address seven key areas, also known as clauses;

• Context of the organisation – where the business’ strategic direction and purpose is in regards to quality set out.

• Leadership – ensuring that the leadership team take responsibility for key areas such as the creation of the QMS, establishing policies and objectives, communication of changes and responsibilities to employees and managing annual reviews.

• Planning – putting in place measures to address risks and opportunities including plans for the reduction or prevention of occurrence backed up by relevant documentation.

• Support – provide adequate resources needed to operate an efficient QMS including effective HR management, a solid infrastructure and structured working environments.

• Operation – what is required for both the inhouse and outsourced processes to develop and deliver consistently high-quality goods and services to the customer.

• Performance evaluation – monitor, measure, analyse and evaluate the processes and carry out internal audits and produce thorough documentation findings.

• Improvement – ensure that measures are put in place that will improve the services and products for the better, match customer needs to improve customer satisfaction and identify potential areas where processes need to be improved in order to achieve their goal.

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What are the benefits of having ISO 9001 certification in Kent?

For certain industries, there are ISO certifications in Kent that are required as a legal or contractual obligation. For those whom certification is not required, there are still a wide range of benefits such as;

– Streamlined processes and increase efficiency

– Reduced wastage

– Boosts revenue

– Improved internal management

– International recognition

– Factual approach to decision making

– Better supplier relationships

– Stand out from competitors

– Improved customer satisfaction

– Greater employee morale

– Have access to and win more business

– Increased customer retention

– Improved quality of products and services

How can an ISO consultancy help my Kent business ?

It is not uncommon for organisations to use in-house employees when attempting to take on ISO certification in Kent, rather than the assistance of a professional ISO consultancy service in Kent.
Although the initial intention is usually to save money, expecting untrained, inexperienced and busy staff to undertake such a big task is extremely ineffective and can end up delaying certification and costing more in the long run.

Our ISO 9001 specialists in Kent take on the management of the entire process, translating the requirements of the standard and providing the vital guidance and support needed to ensure that the relevant systems, processes and structures are in place.

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At JR Consultants our team of experienced Kent ISO consultants are passionate about helping businesses to achieve the recognition they deserve and open them up to a world of opportunities with a cost-effective path to ISO 9001 certification in Kent. Our Kent ISO 9001 services include guidance from the start and throughout to help organisations navigate the various minefields of complex paperwork and processes, supporting the necessary improvements and driving them forward to meet the required standards.

If you have been thinking about how you can secure the future of your business and would like help with ISO 9001 in Kent, please get in touch and one of our friendly, knowledgeable advisors will be happy to assist you.

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