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For organisations of any size or industry – ISO Certification has been proven to be extremely beneficial and helps demonstrate to new and existing client’s your commitment to quality and progress.

Achieving the required standards and implementing the necessary structures, framework and procedures can be a complex and time consuming process if not properly managed – that’s where we come in.

At JR Consultants our years of experience means we are able to deliver a bespoke plan with objectives tailored to your individual business and chosen ISO requirements – providing a simple and cost effective path to ISO Certification.

What is ISO Certification?

In order to win contracts in both the private and public sector organisations are expected to prove competency across an increasing number of disciplines. ISO Certification does exactly that and demonstrates your company’s success of meeting the high international standards as well as the dedication to making continuous improvements going forward.

An effective quality management system (QMS) provides the regulatory framework that organisations need to measure, understand and improve business operations. This in turn ensures that they deliver a consistently high standard across processes, products, services and customer satisfaction.

ISO Certification benefits include:

  • Consistency
  • Reduction in issues, mistakes and errors
  • Prequalification for new business
  • Evidence-based data for suggested changes
  • Continuous improvement
  • Customer satisfaction

ISO Certification for Recruitment Agencies

Our expert team of consultants work to provide the invaluable guidance and support that recruitment agencies need to successfully navigate the certification process.

We can help you decide which ISO is best suited to your business, explain the requirements of that ISO and put in place an effective management system that will provide the necessary framework.

Each ISO certification maintains separate standards and criteria which are categorised numerically and there are three types of ISO most relevant to recruitment agencies are:

ISO 9001 – Quality

ISO 14001 – Environment

ISO 45001 – Health and Safety

What are the Benefits of ISO Certification?

Recruitment agencies have to work successfully with both employers and jobseekers to ensure that the right candidates are matched to the right job roles.

The recruitment industry can be very competitive with a number of agencies competing for work. Recruitment companies need to provide a consistent, high-quality service in order to keep their existing clients and ISO Certification not only helps with this but also strengthens their position in the industry to win more new business and new clients.

Some of the benefits of ISO Certification include:

  • Enhanced quality of services
  • Streamlined processes and reduced waste
  • Compliance with legislation and regulations
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Reduced costs
  • Enhanced reputation to new and existing clients
  • Increased business – both new and existing
  • Dedication to continuous improvement

Professional Consultancy Services for ISO

If you are keen to strengthen your recruitment agencies processes, improve customer satisfaction and increase revenue then ISO certification is a sound investment.

JR Consultants work to help organisations improve their businesses through the implementation of effective management systems designed to support day to day operations as well as providing the framework needed to improve processes and procedures to achieve the required ISO standards.

We can help your organisation by:

Providing actionable recommendations – There’s no need to waste time yourself trying to figure out requirements and what is or is not relevant to your business. We provide clear, precise and accurate advice and guidance on the standards and what you need to do to achieve them.

Giving a professional outside perspective – You are the experts at your business, and you know the inner workings of your systems and procedures, but that doesn’t mean you are able to see everything clearly. A fresh perspective from expert consultants can help you identify areas that need addressing, standards that don’t meet legal requirements or small changes that can make a big difference.

Helping you achieve the recognition your business deserves – Attaining ISO Certification can open up a whole host of opportunities for your company. Our ISO consultancy experts work to help you reach this important milestone without wasting valuable time or resources.

Providing a cost effective service – It can seem ‘easier’ for some companies when margins are tight to attempt to undertake the process of ISO Certification themselves. Putting in place the standards required for ISO can be complicated, time consuming and confusing without the expert guidance and support of a knowledgeable ISO consultant.

If you would like more information on our professional ISO consultancy services for your recruitment agency then please contact us today to speak to one of our advisors.

Thinking of more than 1 ISO standard? Speak to us and get another half price!


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