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For companies and organisations whose businesses are project based, a reliable, consistent and well organised project management system is crucial in order to keep things on track.

If not, properly managed projects can easily suffer from what is known as scope-drift which can result in delays, failure to deliver and poor customer satisfaction.

By implementing strong management systems and achieving ISO Certification, businesses are able to greatly improve their current processes and benefit from all of the many advantages that ISO Certification provides.

What is ISO Certification?

The internationally recognised standard of ISO Certification recognises businesses that are able to achieve and sufficiently demonstrate the high levels required for their chosen ISO. This ensures they are dedicated to the continual improvement of their services, products and processes in order to provide a consistent service of the highest standards.

Certification is awarded following an independent audit carried out by an official third party.

At JR Consultants, our professional team are experts on guiding clients throughout the entire process from helping them to select the most relevant and beneficial ISO to advice for implementing the required standards – providing a fast and cost effective route to ISO certification.

Benefits of ISO Consultancy Services

In order to achieve certification, organisations first need to implement an efficient management system and make changes to their existing procedures in order to reach the required standards.

If not properly managed, ISO Certification can be an extremely time consuming and complicated process. At JR Consultants we work to help make everything as straight forward as possible for our clients to streamline the process and help them reach their end goal.

Using our ISO Consultancy service provides many benefits for organisations with regards to finances, business and their consumers.

Financial Benefits

  • Streamline processes
  • Reduce costs
  • Operate more efficiently
  • Reduce waste

Business Benefits

  • Continually improve operations
  • Builds a sustainable business model for the future
  • Increased success with new business and tenders
  • Displays strong corporate governance
  • Identify and address risk
  • Meet statutory and regulatory requirements
  • Gain notable recognition

Consumer Benefits

  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Improved quality of service
  • Recognised international standard of excellence instils confidence

What ISO Certification is Relevant to Project Management?

For companies that are strongly reliant upon effective project management, they can benefit from the following ISO Certifications;

• ISO 9001 – Quality management

For a more reliable, consistent service for customers, improved products, streamlined processes and greater efficiency.

• ISO 14001 – Environmental Management

This ISO helps provide the structure that businesses need to help them better regulate their impact on the environment and demonstrate environmental policy leadership.

• ISO 45001 – Safety Management

This rigorous standard for health and safety facilitates the implementation of best practices for occupational health and safety within organisations.

JR Consultants are experts in everything ISO and work with clients across a wide range of industries to help them put into place the necessary framework and systems required in order to achieve successful certification.

Next Steps to ISO Certification

At JR Consultants, we are here to help guide clients on every stage of the journey – from choosing the most suitable ISO, to planning, proposals and implementation right through to certification.

We ensure that all of the information is broken down into easy to understand and manageable tasks which can then be used to implement the necessary structure and changes needed to streamline processes and achieve the required international standards.

Our approach helps clients to put in place effective management systems that will allow their business to adapt and improve to a standard that will benefit not only their customers but their staff and their business.

If you would like some more information on our ISO consultancy services, please contact us today.

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