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For businesses of all sizes ISO certification can be a great benefit, providing a robust management system that covers a wide range of processes.

Success in gaining ISO Certification not only demonstrates your commitment to quality and customer service but can lead to success in other areas such as winning tenders, completing pre-qualification questionnaires and qualifying for government contracts.

Our consultants are specialists in ISO and provide professional advice, strategies and guidance throughout the entire certification process – helping you to unlock your businesses full potential and successfully gain accreditation.

What is ISO Certification?

ISO certification is awarded following an independent assessment conducted by an official third party when an organisation is able to correctly demonstrate conformance to the standard.

The international standard of ISO certification ensures that businesses are committed to the continuous improvements of their products, services and processes to deliver customers with a reliable service that meets their needs.

Our professional consultants are experts at helping building maintenance companies implement these standards. With a fast and cost effective route to ISO implementation we can also help guide you on the most appropriate ISO standards for your business.

The Benefits for Your Business

There are many benefits to ISO Certification for businesses across a wide range of industries.

With a successful QMS in place the continuous dedication to improving performance will ensure that customers benefit from an improved, streamlined service that delivers exactly what they need. In turn the business benefits from increased profits as a result of reduced wastage, better efficiency and overall improved operational results.

For some industries ISO certification is a legal or contractual requirement. For others it is an advantageous accreditation useful for those looking to enhance their organisations credibility, demonstrate high levels of quality service and improve overall performance.

This can be particularly relevant for businesses intending to bid for contracts or those hoping to attract new clients or even enter a new market.

ISO certification can help building maintenance businesses to:

  • Continually improve operations
  • Operate more efficiently
  • Increased success with new business and tenders
  • Streamline processes and reduce costs
  • Build a sustainable business with more resilience
  • Display strong corporate governance
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Identify and address risks
  • Meet statutory and regulatory requirements
  • Have successful relationships with the shareholders and supply chain

Relevant Software for Building Maintenance

Our expert team are on hand to help guide and consult building maintenances companies throughout the entire process of ISO implementation from beginning to completion – helping you to gain the notable recognition your company deserves.

Each ISO certification maintains separate standards and criteria which are categorised numerically.

ISO 9001ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 are all relevant to building maintenance and businesses in the industry.

ISO 9001

ISO 9001 helps to ensure that customers receive top quality products and a consistent service which in return benefits the business. This is based on a series of clear quality management principles centred on strong customer focus, continuous improvement, streamlining processes and the motivation of top management.

Some of the benefits of ISO 9001 include:

  • Streamlining business procedures
  • Provide consistency across service delivery
  • Reduces costs and improve process
  • Refining management practices
  • Heightened status
  • Competitive advantage over noncertified companies
  • Lower insurance premiums

ISO 14001

With increasing concerns about the environment and the impact that organisations have on it – the ISO 14001 environmental management system is more important than ever.

By providing the structure and framework businesses need, this system works to help them regulate and manage their impact on the environment across areas such as goods, processes, products and services – not just in the immediate future but long term.

This helps organisations to:

  • Reduce their environmental footprint
  • Decrease the risk of pollution incidents
  • Suggest operational improvements
  • Guarantee compliance with the relevant environmental legislation
  • Ensures a sustainable model for business development

ISO 45001

This rigorous international standard for health and safety is applicable to businesses of all sizes, across a wide variety of industries and operational range. ISO 45001 enables companies to integrate ISO with their Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) Management System, providing ways to:

  • Enhance OH&S performance
  • Improve worker safety
  • Decrease health issues related to work
  • Prevent workplace injuries
  • Improve the health and wellbeing of staff
  • Reach new potential markets

How we can help you get certified

ISO requirements and the certification process can be very overwhelming and time consuming if not managed correctly. At JR Consultants we work alongside our clients to help keep the process simple and effective whilst guiding them towards the ultimate goal of successful certification.

  • An initial assessment of the business will be carried out to ascertain the current standing of existing systems in relation to the selected ISO.
  • With this assessment we then outline our recommendations for things such as procedures, systems, operations, processes and services that need to be altered in order to achieve compliance.
  • Following this we will create a strategy designed to help guide you on how to implement those recommendations in order to be fully prepared for the ISO assessment.

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