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A safe workplace should be a fundamental principle to both staff and employers and not something to be brushed over, dismissed, or taken lightly.

No matter the size of an organisation, they have a responsibility to set up and maintain the relevant systems, processes and procedures and provide the necessary training and information to employees with regards to health and safety at work.

For a lot of businesses, finding the reliable internal resources to undertake such important measures can be extremely challenging, which is why using the services of professional health and safety consultants can often be the smartest and safest option.

  • What is a Health and Safety Consultant?

Health and safety consultants provide guidance, expertise and advice to businesses and organisations in order to make their company safer, more efficient and compliant with legislation.

Their role is to use their knowledge and experience to provide the much-needed assistance that will help with risk assessments, audits, identifying key changes that need to be made, assessing systems, processes and procedures and reducing workplace health and safety risks.

Our skilled health and safety consultants are adept at working across various industries from charities, hotels, offices, corporate and construction to catering, the care sector and manufacturing, and are able to deliver tailored advice relevant to your industry and organisation.

  • Health and Safety Management Services

In order to protect your employees and your business, it is important to find the right people for the job and when health and safety cannot be managed internally then outsourcing to professional consultants can be a reliable and cost effective solution.

Working alongside you from the beginning, JR Consultants are on hand to provide organisations with the vital help and advice they need to meet HSE rules and keep their staff safe.

  • On-site Assessments

One of our health & safety experts will attend your site and help to identify any potential risks and hazards. They can then offer practical advice on how to resolve these issues in order to meet UK laws and regulations.

  • Written Policies

We will help write a policy or ‘mission statement’ for your workplace in order to provide clear health & safety management protocols and structure for accountability and control.

  • Planning and Objectives

Our consultants will identify relevant and legal standards that apply to your business and develop a plan that covers – risk assessments, hazard identification and emergency responses and preparedness. If required they will also create long term health and safety objectives and come up with practical and manageable targets and the actions that need to be taken in order to achieve them.

  • Structure and Organisation

We will define the organisational structure and provide details on the allocation and distribution of health and safety responsibilities to the nominated employees, the necessary control arrangements and required competence and training if required.

  • Consultation

The business will be presented with the information which will detail any findings, assessments, plans, data about the system and required health and safety measures relevant to the business. This can then be openly discussed with the client or workforce in order to deliver a two-way communication that will provide clarification and help to shape the resulting risk management programme.

  • Implementation

Following the agreement of all plans, the systems and management processes are implemented into the business in a way that is unobtrusive and minimally disruptive.

  • Measuring and Reacting to Data

With easy to use health and safety software our clients are able to monitor and review their reactive data for things such as ill health, work-related injuries, accidents, and incidents as well as active data gained from inspections and risk assessments. This can be used to respond, react and make changes where required, being proactive rather than reactive to resolve potential issues at the earliest stages before they become a problem.

  • Reviews

Our consultants will perform annual reviews on your health and safety processes in order to ensure everything remains compliant, providing advice, help, information and suggestions about any changes in the HSE requirements relevant to your business.

  • Leave Health and Safety Management to The Experts

In these uncertain times, health and safety is even more critical than ever with businesses across the UK and the world having to take a step back and seriously reassess how they manage things. In order to stay open and keep trading during this pandemic, companies must adapt how they operate in order to not only still deliver their goods or services but to keep their customers and employees safe.

At JR Consultants, our experts can help to ensure that your company, no matter the industry or how big or small, is up to date with the necessary health and safety legislation and can provide a straight forward and cost effective path to compliance and a safer, more efficient business.

For more information on our Health and Safety services, please contact us today.

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