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With everything that the COVID-19 pandemic has bought about, it is more important than ever to implement effective health and safety management protocols, processes and systems that will work to keep you and your team safe.

ISO 45001 certification helps businesses to take care of their employees by implementing a robust, efficient Quality Management System that can deliver increased productivity and create a culture of secureness and wellbeing within an organisation.

What is ISO 45001? 

ISO 45001 is an international standard for health and safety which provides the vital framework businesses need to develop their occupational health and safety protocols in order to ensure a safer, healthier work environment and improved overall wellbeing of staff.

This standard is relevant to businesses of all sizes, across various industries and with different types of operational scope. It works by enabling certain health and safety aspects to be integrated throughout the existing OHS and fortifies its structure, processes and safety aspects to deliver compliance of the highest levels throughout the business.

Closing The Gaps And Keeping You Safe

Even those with rigorous health and safety protocols in place were not fully prepared for the global pandemic and everything that has happened as a result of it. ISO 45001 works to pinpoint gaps throughout the business in areas such as resources, competence, efficiency and safety, allowing them to be identified and the necessary measures put in place to fix them.

With the pandemic comes new challenges and in a lot of organisations the need to adapt, modify and improve their health and safety protocols. This might include staff awareness and training on disease control, hygiene and cleanliness, best practices for employees working from home or offsite and workplace guidelines for things such as masks, gloves and what to do in the event that symptoms or a positive test occurs amongst a staff member.

By undertaking or maintaining ISO 45001 certification, you are prioritising the health and welfare of your employees which has many great benefits. In times where people may feel anxious about being at work, taking the steps to make them feel safe and show that you are taking their health and wellbeing seriously can provide great security, increased confidence and improved staff morale. Creating a culture where staff are encouraged to take an active role in their own Occupational Health and Safety can lead to fewer workplace injuries and illnesses, less time off and inspire productivity which benefits employees, shareholders and customers.

Improve Your Business OHS

If you are concerned about the best way to help keep your staff safe and your business running effectively, ISO 45001 could be exactly what you need. At JR Consultants our professional team of ISO advisors are working hard to help organisations in these unprecedented times and are committed to delivering a service that gives our customers the tools they need to be better and safer.

Our consultants can help to review your existing OHS and how the management system responds strategically, operationally and at all levels in line with the required standards needed to achieve compliance.

For more information on how you can improve your business for everybody involved please do not hesitate to get in touch and JR Consultants will be happy to help.

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