How ISO Certification Can Help Cleaning Companies

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Would you ever buy a product that has not been tested for its safety or has no ISO certification for quality compliance? No? We thought so.

Well, the same question-answer scenario applies when it comes to the service industry sector. People have a vast choice when they need to hire a service provider, be it a real estate agency, a security firm or a printing house. Customers will opt for a reliable and certified company to ensure that they get quality for their money. So, service businesses that are lagging behind in the implementation of the ISO International Standards system simply lose out on a number of benefits, including growing their client base. On that note, service providers in the cleaning industry sector are no exception. And nowadays, we see more and more commercial cleaning businesses that invest in their future success by taking up ISO standards certification.

Let us explain why:

If your cleaning company is not ISO certified, this can directly affect your business reputation, as well as restrict your access to potential new markets and a wider network of customers. In contrast, adopting the appropriate certifiable management systems and getting the “stamp” from a UKAS accredited body will undoubtedly strengthen your company’s credibility and boost its turnover growth.

Learn about ISO standardisation

So, let’s take a brief look at what ISO standards are all about.

ISO international standards ensure that the end users of products and services are protected by providing a standardised regulatory system when it comes to quality and safety of goods, as well as protecting the environment. By offering businesses the opportunity to conform to various measurable standards of business management practices and manufacturing processes, the International Organisation of Standardisation facilitates a global trade development that is based on fairness, common rules and values.

With regards to any individual company’s progress, ISO standards certification boosts the recognition of the business in its respective, competitive industry field. In addition, it helps increase the company’s productivity and cost-effectiveness by reducing the risk of errors, which can result in product waste or worse – legal costs, related to poor health and safety practices or environmental issues.

Which ISO standards should I certify my cleaning company to?

ISO standards system boasts flexibility and a nondiscriminatory approach, encouraging any type of commercial or non-commercial organisation (NGOs) to conform and certify to an established international management system, no matter of how big or small they are.

So, even if you own an independent small cleaning business, you can still benefit from achieving ISO certification to improve the credentials of your company, streamline work processes and optimise productivity. James owner of Vale Carpet Cleaning has highlighted its need to obtain ISO compliance to help expand the business. “Having looked into information provide by consultants such as JR consults, its clear to me the need to be at the forefront of ISO standards no matter the business size”.

Below are the three most fitting ISO standards for your cleaning business:

  • Quality Management – ISO 9001

Cleaning companies, certified to this popular ISO standard, showcase a strong commitment to providing quality services and placing their customer needs at the forefront of their objectives. The management system is based on a straightforward and easy-to-follow principle: Plan-Do-Check-Act, which aids service providers in delivering improved consistency in their job performance, as well as minimise the scope for making mistakes.

ISO 9001 also helps cleaning contractors elevate their trustworthiness and reputation when it comes to winning over new or return clients in a highly competitive business environment. This applies especially if you hope to tender successfully and compete for public-sector contracts.

  • Health and Safety Management – ISO 45001

ISO 45001 certification is the new Occupational Health and Safety international standard, which was finally published in March 2018 to eventually replace OHSAS 18001. Organisations, certified to the old standard, are prompted to adopt and comply to all the new changes of ISO 45001 by March 2021. As a cleaning company, you need to ensure that your staff and customers are protected adequately against accidents, such as falls, which can cause serious injuries. The ISO health and safety management system provides commercial cleaning organisations with effective means to reduce risk of incidents at the workplace, comply with Health and Safety legislation and implement risk assessment processes and proactive control.

  • Environmental Management – ISO 14001

Environmentally conscious customers will think twice before hiring a cleaning company, which does not have ISO 14001. The international standard offers a contemporary management system, which is in line with today’s global business responsibility to reduce the harmful effect of chemical waste to the environment. Businesses in the cleaning industry sector have stepped up their efforts to exhibit a better engagement in eco-friendly practices, such as responsible waste management and minimised use of hazardous cleaning products.

Again, if you hold ISO 14001, you will be able to reach new market opportunities and expand your cleaning business.

What are the advantages of ISO certification for your cleaning business?

Now that you understand the importance of making sure that your cleaning company complies to widely accepted international management system standards, let’s sum up again the main benefits of ISO certification for your organisation.

Improved productivity

You will enjoy better productivity through:

  • Ensuring that your staff is well trained and more productive (ISO 9001)
  • Your effective control over business processes and practices
  • Reduction of sick leaves, due to occupational hazards (ISO 45001)
  • Improved quality of service delivery and methods

Increased staff motivation

There’s nothing worse than trying to run your business when your staff lacks enthusiasm:

  • ISO certification has direct impact on your employees level of satisfaction with their job
  • A business that is compliant to ISO standards enjoys a lower staff turnover
  • Employees feel proud to work for a recognised and successful company
  • Staff appreciates an employer who is responsible to their health and safety, and the environment

Reduced costs

ISO standardisation helps businesses become more cost-effective:

  • Streamlined and uniform business management practices minimise errors, which may result in additional costs
  • Compliance with environmental regulations reduces the risk of incurring legal costs
  • Health and safety certification also decreases the possibility for dealing with costly liability claims

Enhanced company’s credentials

Everyone trusts a business, which makes an effort to invest in its credibility:

  • ISO certification “badges” instantly elevate your business image
  • Your company becomes an attractive and trustworthy business partner
  • ISO certification ensures that independent review processes are more straightforward and unbiased

Why does ISO standard certification help my cleaning business grow?

The above advantages of holding ISO standards, relevant to your cleaning business, translate into direct results, regarding your company’s future success. According to the London veterans in the cleaning industry field in the UK, there’s no comparison when it comes to getting those job leads and boosting the revenue of your ISO-certified cleaning company.

Here’s why:

  • Improved market potential

A cleaning company that is ISO-certified to quality, health and safety, and environment management standards stays competitive on national and international markets. Furthermore, your will increase your chances to enter the public procurement market. All the above directly influence your business profitability.

  • Attracting more return customers

Individual clients may not necessarily seek to see a proof of your ISO-certifications, in order to hire you again. But ISO-compliant cleaning businesses enjoy a loyal base of return customers because they receive an assured quality of service.

  • Better scope for new partnerships

Whether you want to expand your cleaning company through a winning franchise model or you endeavour to win a public tendering contract, your business will have a better chance for forming new business partnerships if ISO-certified.

  • Enhanced brand awareness

It goes without saying that by operating your cleaning business in accordance with quality, health and safety, and environment management international standards will result in boasting an impeccable business reputation. This will undoubtedly help your marketing efforts in increasing your brand awareness and exposure, which in effect will lead to business growth and success.

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