A Guide To ISO And How It Can Help Your Business During The Pandemic

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Part of owning or managing any business is planning ahead so that in the event that something unprecedented happens or a difficult situation arises, there is a structure in place to help manage it effectively.

So far 2020 has proven undoubtedly that even the best-prepared businesses sometimes cannot predict what is going to happen and also just how quickly things can escalate which you may not be prepared for. Business continuity remains key and having robust, well-managed processes, procedures and systems in place allows organisations to better handle such events and continue to function with as little disruption as possible.

By applying and implementing ISO standards within your organisation to achieve ISO Certification, you can help ensure the business is able to survive, recover and succeed in the future.

ISO Standards

The International Organisation for Standardization (ISO) has provided some of the most universally recognised and acknowledged standards for almost 75 years. The standards they develop provide the essential framework that organisations need to enhance their own processes, which can be utilised to improve safety and efficiency throughout the business. ISO certification can prove to be enormously beneficial for companies of all sizes, across various sectors and for some industries it can even be a legal requirement.

Whilst most businesses were understandably unprepared for the COVID-19 pandemic, those with ISO 9001 or ISO 45001 certification have benefited from having these standards already in place and have fared much better for it.

About ISO 9001 and How It Helps Companies During the Pandemic

ISO 9001 is a powerful business improvement tool and internationally renowned Quality Management System (QMS). It is designed to support organisations in the effective management and improvement of their systems, processes and procedures in order to ensure that the services or products they provide are of the highest standard.

Here are just a few of the ways that ISO 9001 helped companies during the pandemic.

  • Structure

Although most organisations will insist that they have plans, processes and measures ready in place for any disaster, changes or unexpected situations that may arise, the truth it that none will likely be as disciplined and structured as the standard operating procedures that ISO 9001 will implement. These are inherent in the standard and will work to help your company adapt quickly and positively to any sudden changes that may happen.

  • Risk Management

If you are ISO 9001 compliant then you will have preventative measures in place which help manage and deal with risk.

  • Quality Control

During the pandemic, quality management has become more important than ever and ISO 9001 ensures that your supply chain remains robust and steadfast whilst the products consistently meet regulatory requirements and keep in line with the highest standards.

  • Workplace Safety

Section 7.1 of the standard focuses on the need for businesses to provide a safe physical work environment for employees. Although this does not specify things such as masks and hand sanitiser which have become basic essentials during these times, there will already be other processes in place that make the small additions of PPE a much simpler transition than other companies may have.

What is ISO 45001 and How Can It Help Businesses During the Pandemic?

ISO 45001 is an international standard for health and safety which provides the vital structure and framework that businesses of all operational scope, sizes and across all industries can benefit from. This standard allows organisations to integrate ISO practices into their respective Occupational Health Systems which works to ensure that compliance with health and safety legislation is met.

Certification with the standard not only demonstrates to customers, shareholders and employees that you take health and safety seriously, but it helps to increase performance, reduces workplace injuries and health issues and improves the overall happiness and wellbeing of personnel.

Here are a just some of the ways that ISO 45001 can help companies during pandemic.

  • Managing Risk

Provides the framework that organisations need to identify and manage potential risks such as assessing the risks to workers and visitors.

  • Adapting to Change

Helps businesses to better identify the changes that need to be made and ways in which they can assist the workforce with being able to address them and meet the new requirements.

  • Helping Workers

Encourages the support of the workforce in a way that fosters trust and confidence in each other so that if or when someone is struggling to adapt, other team members will to step in to help. Also allows the employees to have better control over the pace of work tasks which provides a safer, happier, less pressurised work environment.

  • Support

Provides the much-needed additional support that staff need, particularly during such stressful and worrying times through the use of phone calls, texts, emails and video conferencing. It places a large focus on the importance of mental health as well as physical and works to create an environment within which workers feel supported, encouraged, valued and safe.

ISO Consultancy Services

Across the world, organisations of all sizes, across various sectors are taking the necessary steps they need to help ensure the health, safety and wellbeing of their staff as well as the success and productivity of their business.

At JR Consultants our expert team are on hand to provide the help you need to achieve certification, gain the recognition that your company deserves and empower your business to be more resilient than ever. If you would like to speak to one of our ISO consultants about your requirements then please contact us and we will be happy to help.

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