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ISO Certification is a sound investment for construction logistics businesses looking to increase customer satisfaction, streamline and strengthen processes, increase revenue and operate more efficiently.

At JR Consultants we work alongside our clients to help provide guidance throughout the entire process from the initial assessment through to certification. Our knowledgeable consultants are experts at what they do and will help implement a robust Quality Management System that can support the day to day operations of the business and support the required ISO standards to achieve compliance.

Benefits of ISO Consultancy Services

Organisations within the construction logistics industry need to deliver a consistent, quality service on time, all the time. Gaining ISO certification and achieving the international standards set can be extremely advantageous particularly for those seeking to attract new business, enhance their credibility and improve overall performance.

The standards required to achieve ISO certification and the procedures involved can make for a long and extremely time consuming process if not correctly managed. Our consultants work to keep everything as simple as possible for our clients to help provide a cost effective and time efficient path to certification.

Some of the benefits of ISO consultancy services include;

Financial Benefits

  • Streamline processes
  • Reduce costs
  • Operate more efficiently
  • Reduce waste

Business Benefits

  • Continually improve operations
  • Builds a sustainable business model for the future
  • Increased success with new business and tenders
  • Displays strong corporate governance
  • Identify and address risk
  • Meet statutory and regulatory requirements
  • Gain notable recognition

Consumer Benefits

  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Improved quality of service
  • Recognised international standard of excellence instils confidence

ISO Certification Relevant to Construction Logistics

The team at JR Consultants are on hand to help guide construction logistics companies throughout the ISO certification process from beginning to end – helping your business to gain the recognition it deserves!

Each ISO certification is categorised numerically and maintains separate standards and criteria.

ISO 9001ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 are all relevant to construction logistics and businesses within the industry.

ISO 9001

The International Standard for Quality Management Systems is one of the most commonly used management tools in the world. Based on a process using 7 quality management principles – this enforces the drive for continued improvements and a strong focus on customer satisfaction.

By providing the framework that companies need to help deliver consistent, reliable goods and services – it’s not only organisations that benefit but their customers and employees too.

ISO 14001

The global standard for Environmental Management – ISO 14001 helps organisations to quantify, monitor and regulate the environmental impact of their operations.

For companies committed to making environmental improvements, ISO 14001 can help deliver benefits such as reduced waste, cost savings, improved corporate image and trust amongst customers and shareholders as well as attracting more new business.

ISO 45001

ISO 45001 helps organisations to put in place vital structures that work to increase work place safety, reduce risks and enhance health and well-being for employees.

In turn companies can benefit from better management of health and safety risks, reduced sick days, work place injuries and illnesses which in turn reduces associated costs.

Next steps to ISO Certification

Our professional consultants are experts at everything ISO and have years of experience helping our diverse client base gain the most from their management systems.

JR Consultants can help your construction logistics company to implement the required standards to successfully achieve certification and help advise you on the most beneficial and relevant standards for your business. We work to provide as much support as you need and help to simplify the whole process to ensure it is as easy and straightforward as possible.

If you require ISO consultancy services and would like to discuss your requirements further then please contact us today to speak to one of our helpful advisors.

Thinking of more than 1 ISO standard? Speak to us and get another half price!


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