The Benefits Of Obtaining The ISO 9001 Certification

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The International Organization for Standardization also known as the ISO is an independent, non-governmental developer of voluntary international standards. These standards not only offer best practices and solutions for a wide range of businesses and technologies but work to ensure the quality, efficiency and safety of services, systems and products.

What Is ISO 9001 Certification?

The world’s most recognised Quality Management System standard, ISO 9001 is designed to help organisations demonstrate their ability to provide consistently high standards of products or services, meeting the necessary statutory and regulatory requirements as well as customer expectations.

The robust framework of ISO 9001 along with the process based approach that revolves around 7 quality management principles, helps to ensure that the needs of the customers and the stakeholders are met.

What Are the Advantages of ISO 9001 Certification?

There are numerous advantages to successfully achieving ISO 9001 certification but here are just some of the main benefits that it can bring to your organisation:

Increased tendering opportunities

Organisations with ISO 9001 certification can have a strong advantage when it comes securing partnerships with both the public and private sectors. Not only is ISO 9001 a clear and proven display that your business is credible and well run but some organisations, mostly in the private sector have now made it a requirement for their suppliers to be ISO 9001 certified. Having this in place gives you a clear head start in the tendering process and can give you the advantage you need against competitors as well as gaining access to contracts and new markets that were previously out of reach.

Improved quality control processes

One of the fundamental components of ISO 9001 certification is how it helps to establish and define the responsibilities for quality control and crucially how those processes are relayed to the relevant employees. This effective communication along with key performance metrics such as throughput, on time delivery, and equipment effectiveness are vital in helping organisations to make calculated, evidence based decisions that lead to increased growth and profitability.

Happy employees

When employees are engaged with the work they are doing and recognise the benefits behind it they are more motivated to implement the processes required which helps to ensure that issues are identified and resolved quickly. The consistency given through the processes of ISO 9001 keeps staff focused as well as providing critical feedback if and when there is a deviation with the processes consistency. Employees also feel more secure about their jobs when they work in a business with well-defined and clearly managed processes. Staff that are happy and engaged with what they are doing have greater job satisfaction that leads to improved performance and increased productivity which in turn benefits everybody.

Better customer experience

Customer experience and satisfaction is a key aspect of ISO 9001 with a focus on enhanced customer service and appropriate responses to issues. This includes not only identifying customers key priorities but putting in place processes in order to optimise and enhance them based on their needs and expectations. By taking the time to improve the quality of products or services based on the customer feedback, you not only increase the amount of repeat orders or business, but reduce the number of returns, refunds or customer complaints. Being able to track your customers satisfaction and quickly respond to any issues raised is invaluable and with ISO 9001 certification in place you can do just that as well as clearly prove that you take customer service seriously.

Save Money

This is a big benefit that filters in from almost every aspect of ISO 9001 certification. Achieving and maintaining ISO 9001 enforces a strategy of continuous improvement which by design ensures a focus on reducing waste and improving efficiency. Streamlining operations from the ground up, ISO 9001 identifies areas of waste and the solutions that need to be implemented in order to avoid wastefulness in future which means that every moving part of the organisation is as effective as possible, leading to reduced outgoings and savings across the business. There is also the added benefit that businesses with ISO 9001 certification can enjoy lower insurance premiums due to the hallmark of quality that proves the appropriate controls and processes are in place to help reduce potential risks.

Interested in Becoming ISO 9001 Certified?

If you are interested in finding out what ISO 9001 certification could do for your business and how it might benefit your organisation then who better to help then the experienced, reliable and professional ISO specialists at JR Consultants.

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