Is ISO 9001 Certification Worth It?

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ISO 9001 is often considered the front runner by companies and organisations who are looking to create an effective quality management system. The standard is an internationally recognised and demonstrates to customers, as well as all stakeholders, the business’s commitment to consistently produce quality products/services.

The standard provides a framework that helps companies to establish a rigorous set of processes and procedures aligned with criteria to ensure their products/services meet the ISO 9001 requirements. It is designed to be flexible and non-specific, making it suitable for a wide range of businesses and industries, no matter their size, product or cultural setting.

Achieving ISO 9001 certification will help companies to:

  • Streamline, modernise, develop and improve central processes.
  • Consistently progress and improve their operations.
  • Reduce overhead costs.
  • Win more new business.
  • Increase customer and stakeholder satisfaction.
  • Create a strong, sustainable business.
  • Preserve and maintain positive relationships.

Whilst it isn’t compulsory for businesses to have achieved ISO 45001 certification in the UK, or any other ISO management standards, ISO 9001 does demonstrate that your business is reliable and meets the highest of industry standards.

What does ISO 9001 certification require?

For companies and organisations to achieve ISO 9001, they will need to demonstrate and provide documentary evidence of the implementation of quality management processes and the adoption of intangible values, like a customer-centric focus.  This includes:

  • Keeping records of the entire journey taken by raw materials as they are transformed into products.
  • Creating systems to engage with customers through effective customer service, listening and responding to complaints and feedback, and readily supplying product information.
  • A commitment to regular performance reviews, making use of meetings and internal assessments.

The ISO 9001 framework requires three key aspects:

  • Process implementation – involving the implementation of core quality control processes specific to the company’s products/services and the value creation process.
  • Documentation – involving the thorough documentation of all relevant processes through all stages, including written procedural documents and the creation of a quality manual to be used as a reference by all employees.
  • Customer focus – to determine customer requirements for their product/service, establish a solid product/service-market fit, create systems for engaging and communicating with customers, and to be able to effectively deal with enquiries, complaints and customer feedback.

Why ISO 9001 certification?

There are a number of benefits to achieving ISO 9001 certification, including:

  • Improved product/service reliability through best practice methodology.
  • Customer confidence in your products/services.
  • Effective marketing opportunities.
  • Cost efficiencies and improved productivity.
  • Consistently able to meet your customers’ needs.
  • Effective control over business processes.
  • Attaining an edge over your competitors that don’t have ISO 9001 certification.
  • Removing the barrier to working with many organisations, such as government and local authorities.
  • Achievement of an internationally recognised standard.

At JR Consultants, we work with our clients providing clear, reliable and accurate guidance throughout the process. We are on hand to help navigate the minefields of paperwork and complicated information, implement the systems needed as well as drive and support the improvements required to meet the ISO standards.

Our team of consultants are passionate about helping your business to achieve the recognition it deserves, and open up a world of opportunities with a clear, straightforward and cost effective path to ISO 9001 certification.


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