What Are The Benefits of ISO 45001 For Your Business?

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ISO Certification is internationally recognised as the ‘hallmark of quality’ and for organisations that invest the necessary time and funds to implement the required standards there can be a number of advantageous benefits.

What Is ISO 45001?

The global standard for occupational health and safety, ISO 45001 refines the way your organisation works and provides practical solutions to make it a safer, healthier and happier place to work for all. The way the standard has been designed means that it is applicable for organisations of any type, size and sector.

The vital framework, information and standards required means that companies health & safety process are shifted from being more reactive based to extremely proactive. This standard ensures that the OH&S management system works to identify and address any potential issues before they can become a problem or cause work related illnesses, injuries or fatalities.

How Can ISO 45001 Benefit My Organisation?

When properly implemented, an ISO 45001 management system can have a hugely positive impact all round and provide numerous benefits and advantages for businesses, their employees and their shareholders.

Here are a few of the many benefits that can come from implementing ISO 45001;

  • Internationally Recognised – ISO 45001 makes it easy to clearly demonstrate your health & safety standards across various financial, political, geographical, commercial and social boundaries. If your organisation trades or operates internationally then ISO 45001 certification means that you can work to a single standard, simplifying your business.


  • Reduced Risk – Probably one of the biggest advantages that has a domino effect creating many subsequent benefits is the reduced risk that comes with ISO 45001 certification. The vital framework enhances organisations ability to proactively identify potential risks, sources or situations before they can cause harm.


  • Employee Safety – Reduced numbers of workplace illnesses and injuries which makes for a safer, healthier and happier environment for all.


  • Minimises Downtime – Less injuries and accidents means less downtime, reducing the fallout from workplace accidents that can be both financial and operational.


  • Increased Productivity – When staff are injured or unwell, productivity can suffer as a result of having to temporarily replace, hire or train a replacement. A safer workplace with less accidents translates to increased productivity.


  • Tendering – It’s becoming more common for some organisations to require ISO certification from companies during the tendering process and not having it in place can either rule you out completely, make it much more difficult or significantly reduce your chances of success. Not only does ISO 45001 mean that you’ll be eligible to take on the larger, more lucrative projects previously out of reach but that you can gain a competitive advantage over other companies and stand out from the crowd.


  • Leadership Commitment – ISO 45001 works by providing a systematic approach for senior management as well as internal and external stakeholders, in order to foster accountability and clearly demonstrate a commitment to health & safety.


  • Health & Safety Culture – When implemented, this OH&S management system can help to engage employees in health and safety by encouraging workers at all levels to take an active role.


  • Enhanced Reputation – Not only does certification position your business as an industry leader but it can go a long way to enhancing your company reputation, clearly demonstrating your commitment to the highest levels of health and safety standards that is appealing to both potential clients and prospective employees.


  • Lower Insurance Costs – Implementing ISO 45001 is clear proof that your organisations health & safety protocols, processes and systems are managed and implemented to the highest standards. As a result, the decreased risk of injury means less claims and that can attract lower insurance premiums, saving you money.


  • Boosts Stakeholders Confidence – Complying with the ISO 45001 standard clearly demonstrates and proves to investors, customer and regulators your commitment to keeping people safe. This encourages confidence and creates a foundation of trust in your ability to manage occupational health and safety.


  • Identify Opportunities – Implementation of ISO 45001 doesn’t solely focus on or impact just the health and safety side of your business. By identifying potential risks or hazards there are often opportunities to not only make the workplace safer but more productive, more efficient and cost effective.

If you would like to find out more about how this health and safety standard can help benefit, improve and enhance your business, please get in touch and our expert ISO 45001 consultants will be happy to help talk you through the process and answer any questions you may have.

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