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Just saying the word ‘audit’ can cause fear, worry and resistance amongst employees, managers and business owners alike, but internal audits are actually something that should be strongly welcomed and encouraged as a crucial part of improving businesses for the better.

At JR Consultants, our dedicated team of Independent ISO Internal Audit specialists in London work with organisations of various size and scope, taking on the task of carrying out their internal audits for them to deliver impartial results and innovative solutions that benefit the business, shareholders, staff and customers.

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What is an Internal Audit?

Internal audits provide businesses with the opportunity to assess, evaluate and inspect critical processes, systems, protocols and procedures to determine how effectively they are working and identify any shortfalls, weaknesses or inadequacies that can be improved.

Although for most businesses, internal audits are not a legal requirement, they can be extremely beneficial in a number of ways and can play a vital role in helping businesses to achieve both their short and long-term goals.

Internal ISO audits tend to involve testing and analysing various company processes and procedures to help determine the standard they are performing at in comparison to where they need to be.

A few things that a typical ISO Internal Audit in London might entail include:

  • Confirmation that the management system complies with the relevant ISO standard
  • Evaluation of what actions the organisation has taken to meet the quality objectives
  • Identify any issues within the management system and how they have been addressed
  • Pinpoint potential changes, adjustments or modifications that should be made to improve the system

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Does my business need an Internal Audit?

The goal of an ISO internal audit is to assess the management system as well as overall protocols and business practices against the certified ISO standard to ensure that compliance can be demonstrated.

By carrying out an internal audit, businesses are able to highlight any flaws, shortcomings or weaknesses that exist and put in place effective, practical and viable plans to resolve them, improving their overall efficiency.

This powerful tool can provide many great benefits that make them well worth investing in, such as;

Our ISO Internal Audit consultants in London can help talk you through the auditing process, discuss what it is you hope to achieve for your business and what we can do to get you there.

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When carried out properly, there is no doubt that internal ISO audits can be a powerful tool, but for many businesses trying to find the right staff or internal resources can be very difficult and often lead to wasted time and money.

At JR Consultants our team can help with ISO Internal Audits in London, giving you the guidance, support and assistance needed to make your business more successful than ever. Get in touch today to find out more.

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