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Internal audits are important for any organisation that wants to meet their business goals, proactively identify and resolve issues, reduce risks to operations and keep everything running smoothly.

For those who are looking for a cost effective and straight forward solution, outsourcing to an independent auditing service to impartially audit your management system can be extremely beneficial.

At JR Consultants, our team of dedicated experts are on hand to provide help with ISO Internal Audits in Kent, working to verify compliance and ensure that your management system is performing efficiently.

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We can attend your audits and act as your management representative.

Thorough Process

We help create procedures, policies & associated documentation as required


What is an Internal Audit?

The role of an internal audit is to independently assess a business’s processes, controls, management system and overall performance in order to provide recommendations for enhancements. The valuable insights that internal audits can provide help businesses to take fast, appropriate and effective actions to eliminate inefficiencies and prevent issues from occurring.

Internal audits also work effectively to check compliance with the implemented ISO management system and identify areas that need improvements or changes to be made to ensure compliance with the standard.

The benefits of an Internal Audit

Internal audits identify weaknesses, redundancies and wastage within the business and provides recommendations for streamlining, saving time and money.

Evaluates internal controls, systems, structures and processes to ensure that the way they have been designed and implemented is working.

Human error, fraud or just plain laziness cannot be underestimated or taken for granted. Internal audits can help to analyse and verify that everything and everyone is performing as they should be.

Internal audits help to identify areas of risk and analyse if the current risk mitigations are working effectively and what needs to be done if they are not.

By ensuring that processes, systems and procedures are performing as they should, Internal audits put businesses in a much stronger position for when external audits and ISO recertification audits occur.

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Does my business need an Internal Audit?

Some managers, employees and business owners cringe when they hear the word ‘audit’ because they associate it with negative experiences, stress and paperwork. However, internal audits are not something that organisations should shy away from but rather encourage and embrace as a vital tool that can be utilised to improve the business and secure its future.

By arranging an internal audit, especially when outsourcing to ISO Internal Audit consultants in Kent, you are getting an independent, objective evaluation of things such as your management system, internal controls and risk management. This provides assurances that the company is operating in the way it should be and if not, identifies weaknesses, shortcomings and issues, with solutions on how to resolve them.

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Finding the right people and resources internally to carry out an internal audit isn’t always possible and can be extremely inefficient which is why some businesses choose to outsource with ISO Internal Audit services in Kent.

At JR Consultants, our team of dedicated ISO auditing specialists are here to help every step of the way, so if you would like to know more about the internal auditing process or have any questions about our auditing services then please get in touch.

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