The Need for ISO 14001

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Environmental issues are a global concern, with a high level of awareness – and they are only going to become more relevant in the short-term future. Businesses that do not pay attention to their environmental impact today are considered outmoded and often increasingly undesirable to buy from and deal with.

The Qualification Process – An ISO: 14001 Overview

Many businesses have the need for ISO: 14001, but put off their application because they think they don’t qualify. In fact, this is the easiest part. There is no minimum criteria for applicants – so getting started is easy.

Can you answer yes to the following questions? If so, you should strongly consider applying for ISO: 14001 status:

1. Environmental management is relevant to my business/organisation
2. Improving my business/organisation’s quality assurance processes matters to me
3. I am committed to the important of Continuous Development and recognise the positive rewards this will bring

Understanding the Context of ‘Environment’

Improving your business to make it more profitable is important. So is committing to help the global environment. But if you’re still debating about the need for ISO: 14001 look out the window or take a walk through your building. These are the surroundings you’ll be changing first – and you’ll be able to see the positive effects your decisions have on efficiency, wastage, staff morale and customer satisfaction within an extremely short space of time.

Five Reasons to Say Yes To ISO: 14001

If you are still not convinced that ISO: 14001 is right for your business, here are five reasons that’ll change your mind:

1. Improved efficiency will drive your costs down over time e.g. fuel, energy etc.
2. If you have permits and licenses you’ll be monitored less, meaning fewer visits from regulatory agencies/bodies
3. Your environmental liability will be automatically reduced
4. Customer Perception, the standard shows you are committed and have a genuine concern for the environment
5. You’ll be more competitive in the market as ISO: 14001 award will attract new customers

Let us look at some of these in more detail;

Genuine Concern for the Environment

Firstly, most businesses now are waking up to the fact that their day to day operations really do have a clear and visible impact on the environment. Businesses do exist to make a profit, but they’re run by people, and more often than not, those people do care about the mark that their actions leave on the world.

Organisations that acknowledge this will naturally value ISO 14001 certification. The standard is a way for businesses to put processes in place to ensure they are doing what they can to be environmentally responsible.

Customer and Partner Perception

Another reason that businesses need ISO 14001 is that any business that’s concerned with its reputation and being perceived as an environmentally friendly operation. As consumers are all too aware, talk is cheap when it comes to green issues, and businesses are becoming increasingly required to show concrete proof that they’re concerned with the environment.  ISO 14001 is a way to display such proof, and the standards are recognized worldwide.

The Need for Cost-Reduction

Lastly, organisations are often concerned with reducing costs and improving efficiency. Effective waste management is actually one powerful route to achieving this, quite apart from the obvious external benefits to the environment. The processes provided by ISO 14001 certification are course a well-established way of achieving that.