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Struggling with Annual Internal System Audits ?

/Struggling with Annual Internal System Audits ?
Struggling with Annual Internal System Audits ?2019-08-06T09:22:37+00:00

Once you have a management system established, it is essential to undertake regular internal auditing so that you benefit from ongoing improvements in efficiency, effectiveness and control.

Management system audits should be:

1) Planned and scheduled at regular intervals
2) Completed by an impartial auditor

Failure to complete internal audits will create problems:

1) Internally – not checking verification of your procedures
2) Externally – unwanted non-conformances

What Does an Internal Auditor Do?

A JR Consultants independent internal auditor is responsible for key functions within a business, providing an independent assessment of a company’s operations and the effectiveness of its internal control structure.

Our internal audit services provide a systematic and disciplined approach to evaluate and provide the following services:

  • Assess the management of risk
  • Assist management in the improvement of internal controls
  • Evaluate controls and advise managers at all levels
  • Evaluate risks

What Are the Benefits of Having an Independent Internal Auditor?

  • Naturally impartial – will have an unbiased view to the audit process
  • Experienced – to a much greater degree than internal staff, so can give wide ranging advice
  • Knowledge – especially important in Health and Safety and environmental management systems
  • Organised – audits are planned and scheduled to be completed regularly and on time
  • A “fresh look” – much more likely to spot any errors than an internal auditor
  • Minimal distraction because employees have little involvement in managing or running the process

ISO Internal Audit Services from JR Consultants

We offer an internal audit service where we manage the system on your behalf. We ensure that internal audits are completed regularly, management reviews are held at least annually, and any non-conformances are rectified. We also act as your management representative during external assessment processes.

We have a number of skilled and experienced auditors who can audit your management system and are independent and impartial to the process, as required by any standard.

Audits can either be based on your own existing audit timetable (providing it is adequate and covers all requirements) or we can set up and run a new audit timetable for you.

We will then complete internal audits according to the timetable, and schedule visits to ensure that all elements of the system are covered prior to your external annual assessment, which we will also attend.

If necessary, we will raise any non-conformances, advising where necessary on corrective actions, and ensure all actions are completed.

ISO Internal Audit Services

To find out more about the internal audit services available with JR Consultants, please get in touch with a member of the team today.