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Benefits of having SIA ACS

/Benefits of having SIA ACS
Benefits of having SIA ACS2020-01-15T10:10:14+00:00

It is Part Of A Wider Group of Standards

If you are considering starting a security business, you may not be immediately familiar with the SIA ACS standard. That said, you have probably heard of the other frameworks from which it derives its quality assurance processes – for example: ISO 9001. This means your business will benefit from exposure to tried and tested core processes designed to increase its efficiency, improve the skills of its employees, and, in more general terms, guarantee that it delivers the best possible service to its customers.

Security providers can expect numerous benefits from the ACS.

Although the approval process for the scheme is a considerable investment of time and resources, it is exactly that – an investment. ACS accredited security companies nearly always renew their yearly registration once they have acquired it, and many report that it has not only helped them win more contracts, but actually run their business more effectively.

So, what are the specific benefits of the Approved Contractors Scheme? Here are the main few:

Proof of Quality

ACS accredited security companies don’t just pay a lump sum for a certificate to hang on their wall. The assessment process is rigorous, and requires that they actually implement several core processes in their business to ensure that they deliver a quality service to their clients. To become approved contractors, security companies need to implement concrete quality control systems alongside rigorous standards for service delivery. This shines through to clients, and ACS has become a signpost for a level of exceptional service and efficiency in an industry that once noticeably lacked those qualities.

A Clear Feedback and Improvement Process

The Approved Contractor Scheme also makes it straightforward for security companies to monitor and measure their performance. ACS thoroughly trains companies in the key factors for success in the security industry. Security firms that have attained the ACS will have gained the ability to gather clear feedback from clients and measure their performance against the indicators that matter. The Approved Contractor Scheme produces security companies that continuously improve in their weak areas, learn from mistakes and steadily increase the professionalism and efficiency of their overall operation.

Another lasting benefit from the Approved Contractor Scheme is the emphasis on positive interactions with the community the company operates in. Businesses accredited with ACS are well-trained in the often subtle ways in which security presence impacts the general public and the communities that they interact with. Well-trained personnel that integrate with their social environment while also doing a good job add extra value for clients, and lead to a positive public perception of the security company.

Increased Business Opportunities

The aim of any business is ultimately to grow. The SIA’s official website actively promotes its certification as a tool that will help your business to stand out from others in the industry. Once accredited, your SIA ACS qualification will result in your entry in the Register of SIA approved contractors. This is widely circulated to government departments and local authorities, which means it acts as a type of marketing tool that can help you reach organisations previously beyond your reach.