Benefits of Having ISO 14001

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There are a number of benefits that businesses can hope to gain through ISO 14001 Certification.

Reduced Environmental Impact

The most immediate and obvious benefit is the end result of the new systems put in place – that is, the reduced environmental impact and liability. Most companies already have some type of environmental management systems baked into their business, and ISO 14001 lets them take what they have and bring it up to an international standard.

Implementation of ISO 14001 requires businesses (or outside consultants) to make explicit the processes and systems involved in waste production. Each isolated process gets looked at in turn and analyzed for possible tweaks, changes or improvements. Particularly ineffective processes can be swapped out for better ones, and redundant processes can be removed.

Any one individual process improvement may not make much difference, but the end result of this thorough overhaul is a business with a significantly better environmental profile.

Reduced Costs / Consumption

Other benefits of ISO 14001 Implementation are the gains in efficiency and the reduction in costs that come when a business tightens up its environmental impact.

It’s a knock-on effect and a welcome by-product of the waste management systems and processes that ISO 14001 necessarily dictates. Often, becoming environmentally friendly means finding new efficiencies in the business – and that means reducing inputs or reducing losses in processing.

The bottom line is a reduction in cost or resources – an obviously desirable outcome for any business.

Improved Corporate Image, And New Doors Opened

The third major benefit of ISO 14001 certification is the credence it lends to the company’s perception, both among customers and potential partners.

Because of its international recognition and standing, the ISO 14001 standard acts as a reliable indicator of environmental concern. It’s a strong signal that a company has reached a certain degree of ‘greenness’ – something that’s highly valued in today’s increasingly consciences markets.

The improvements in corporate image can also open doors that were previously closed, as certain organisations will only do business with companies that are ISO 14001-certified. Publicity can be used here. If you are one of the first in your industry sector to commit to ISO: 14001, it is likely this will generate some positive media coverage. Even if you are not, the award will demonstrate to your customers (new and potential) that you take your environmental responsibilities seriously – which will be good for your reputation.

Improved Compliance

ISO: 14001 will ensure your business or organisation is ready for any external audits, can pass them without penalty, and will probably reduce the need for regular surveillance.